Friday, 9 March 2012

Theatre Season's Greetings

RMTC announced their 2012/2013 season today.  Highlights (for me): Gone With The Wind, because it is not the musical that flopped in the West End several years ago.  Penelopiad (Margaret Atwood), because I love the mythology and I heard Steven Schipper during the WFP Cafe interview say that there will be "11 great Winnipeg Actresses" in it.  I hope to be one.  Hey, at this point, there is still hope, we just heard the announcement, and I haven't spoken to anyone who might have more inside information, i.e re: cast. 
And the carnival thingy...cyclone...dead teens...roller coasters...sounds up my nightmare alley.
Oh, there are a bunch of other plays that sound either good , or I have no clue yet what to feel about them.  You'll have to check the website to peruse the titles.  If you get a chance to watch the WFP video of the Steven Schipper and Niki Landau (adapted GWTW) interview, stay 'til the end as you'll find out one of the best reasons to go to the theatre as put by Steven, and Niki's surprise at his comment is pretty good too.

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