Sunday, 3 January 2016

A Strange Pair

A Strange Pair

This February (2016!)
There are 2 sittings per night, (4 on Matinees).
Due to a small house size and short plays, we want to give you some bang for your buck!
SO...We've got comedy, drama, a chase scene, music, dancing and...there are two chances each night to see the show! Whether you come for the 7:30pm or the 8pm show, you will see it all, just in a different order.

Here is the teaser:

In cooperation with the Dalnavert Museum, Echo Theatre brings you yet another exciting evening of dramatics and musical interludes featuring two short plays: Countdown & A Cut in the Rates. Sit in the parlour as a married couple has tea! Hear their innermost thoughts! Be astounded by the Ratings Officer come to collect! Follow her, trembling, as you discover what's in the cellar! Be cheered and delighted by nightly musical entertainment between 8:00-8:30!

From the company who brought you such Master Playwright Festival hits as Blithe Spirit, The Skriker, Jumpers!
$20 evening performances (all the bells and whistles)
$15 matinees (play only, no extras!)