Monday, 23 July 2012

4 stars for Lulu

I maintain that it deserves 5, but I guess the acoustics of the venue, of which we have no control (although I did hang some blankets at the back of the room) prevent our full star potential.

Anyway, here is the CBC review by a very well informed reviewer who knows his theatrical stuff.  It's an actual review of the production and not just an acoustic complaint like some other  "reviewers" (if you can call some that, since they don't review theatre for the entire year, yet we are to accept their opinions as authority.  Oh Fringe, where is thy sting?).  Bitterness?  No!  If I, as a theatre artist, am to be open to criticism of my art, then so should they, as theatre reviewers, be open to criticism of their art. 

Friday, 13 July 2012


We now have an air conditioner in our venue.  Please tell everyone and anyone who might not come to a show with no a/c that they have nothing to worry about. 
It's a big room and a small a/c but it won't be as hot as outside, and it won't be cold.  So you don't have to pack a sweater to see the Lulu or Lungs shows in Venue 25.  You just have to come, sit, and drink in the talent. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How much?

Every once in a while I am astonished that more people don't know what it costs to put on a show.  Not just a show, but a fringe show because there is a price cap and the ticket amount does not reflect expenses.  Personally, I don't keep it a secret, and I don't think it should be.
So here is a breakdown of Lulu so far: ( $ are rounded for aesthetic purposes )

Fringe BYOV cost : $675
Venue rental: $1000
Rehearsal space: $475
Copyrights: $600
Actor Equity insurance (if you use professional actors in the fringe you have to pay insurance, in case we get hurt)  : $290
Costumes: $100 (so far, we've done alot of borrowing, but some things had to be built and bought)
Set: $45 (so far.  we've got a beautiful venue and did some borrowing so didn't need to purchase much for sets)
Posters and Handbills: $100 (I haven't printed the posters yet so am just going to round out the number to $50, it might be more.   800 handbills cost me $50)

Lighting , sound, and chairs are all borrowed so we dodged a bullet there too!

Running Total = $3285

Please note this does not include any paycheques for the actors, director or stage manager :-(

This is where the audience comes in!

Let's average the ticket price at $9 (regular 10, 8 matinee and 2 for 10 on opening)

If 35 people come for every show I will have covered our costs.  If more people come after that, I'll be able to pay everyone for their excellent work.

Can we do it?

Smoky The Fringe Dancing Bear says:

Only YOU can prevent unpaid Theatre artists!

Last minute

Remember when I said I was prepared?  Well, it turns out I'm in the same place as I always am as the Fringe quickly approaches.  The panicked state when you realize you open next week.

It's the last minute life style and things are coming together, albeit a bit later than I'd hoped. 

Someone asked me this week
"how are you feeling about things?"

I think as promoters we are to say
 "great!  hope you'll come see it!"

But as honesty always trumps my forethought or common sense in situations like these I said

 "We are in that scary place where you don't know if the show is going to come together"

 I quickly ammended my comment with:

 "of course it always does"

and it does.  But every year, every show you get to feel that little bit of fear.  Keeps you on your toes, as they say.