Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blithe Spirit January 2015

Echo Theatre presents 
Blithe Spirit for Cowardfest 2015

"I've always believed in cutting my losses. That's why I died." – Elvira

Directed by Ross McMillan
Featuring Terri Cherniack, Sarah Constible, Trish Cooper,  Simon Miron, Steven Ratzlaff, Charlene Van Buekenhout, Stefanie Wiens

Gathering material for a new novel, Charles Condomine organizes a séance. Mystic Mme. Arcati, along with Charles' wife Ruth and their friends the Bradmans, settle in for an evening of skepticism and paranormal activity. Unbeknownst to everyone but Charles, the séance is a success and Elvira, his first wife, is back in his life: a ghost who's not going anywhere anytime soon!
Nestled in the parlour at Ralph Connor House, guests will enjoy drinks and music with jazz singer Helen White and songs by the playwright himself. Do not miss this uniquely intimate evening of Coward's finest comedy!

WHEN CAN YOU SEE IT? Check these dates out:

Saturday January 24 7:30pm SOLD OUT
Sunday January 25 3:00pm SOLD OUT
Tuesday January 27 7:30pm
Wednesday January 28 7:30pm
Thursday January 29 7:30pm
Friday January 30 7:30pm
Saturday January 31 3:00pm
Saturday January 31 7:30pm
Sunday February 1 3:00pm
Tuesday February 3 7:30pm
Wednesday February 4 7:30pm
Thursday February 5 7:30pm
Friday February 6 7:30pm
Saturday February 7 3:00pm
Saturday February 7 7:30pm
Sunday February 8 3:00pm
Monday February 9 7:30pm
Tuesday February 10 7:30pm
Thursday February 12 7:30pm
Friday February 13 7:30pm

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