Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Open House

Whoa, what day is it? It's the day I actually write a blog after a *cough* year *cough* since the last one...oh I've written since then, but they were unpublishable! And I've been busy: I went to France to shoot a movie, I got married!!! I was in a big ol' show at MTC and helped put a Cherry Orchard in front of Winnipeg audiences. Quit my day job and got an acting gig. All stuff to write home about, but who had the time? Not me obviously. I don't even have it now, but since I am staring at the computer anyway, trying to finish this damned play: DR.KELLOGG'S SYSTEM at the Ralph Connor House May 3rd & 4th 2014. I thought I'd drop a line. Here it is: Open House for Dr. Kellogg's System an experimental work of theatrical experiment. No start time, no end time. Drop in, stay awhile, the show is yours to experience! Intrigued? Come and help me figure out if this type of framing convention will even work! Feedback required! Let me know if you want to come by emailing