Friday, 16 March 2012

Compartmentalise!!! & Talking in Specifics about Theatre

A few words on talking about Theatre:

The actors didn't write the play or come up with the character (in most traditional plays).  If you didn't like the character, it doesn't mean the actor didn't do a good job.  Maybe they were really good at being unlikeable.  Same goes for likeable characters.  Just because you think the character was a good person and you liked the journey, doesn't mean the actor was amazing.  That just means you enjoyed the playwright's intent for that character and the story arc.

Of course, it's always wonderful when the actor is good and the play is good and the words and actions  are married together to a satisfying end, regardless of whether it's a tragedy or comedy.

After overhearing people discussing recent plays, I have to say that there are a number of people missing the option to compartmentalise when talking about a show.  To those people I say: Try it, it stretches out the conversation and you can talk about the play for hours and days and....


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