Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Smell of Dead Mums has wafted away...Lulu takes the spotlight

From one thing to the next.  The workshop of my play "The Smell of Dead Mums" is over, with tumultuous beginnings and middles but a spectacular end.  Many bruises (literally all over my legs) to show for it and great feedback, I know exactly where to take the play now.
But of course, the Theatre won't let me alone, and I'm right back on the horse with Lulu: A Monster Tragedy by Frank Wedekind, German expressionist extraordinaire, translated by theatre artists fabulaire Edward and Elizabeth Bond.  This is, as my director has put it, a satirical look at the outcome of unfettered capitalism.  As Edward puts it  "Money plus Sex = Violence".  And that gives us Wedekind's Jack the Ripper.  A consummer as well as a capitalist, taking and selling (at the ultimate expense of others) objectified female sexuality.  As an object.  Disgusting, but that's where we are today.  A very timely piece that I am very excited to start work on.  I need a little breather from my own writing and am so glad it's THIS!!

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