Friday, 1 June 2012

Most Unusually Prepared

The rehearsal space is paid for, cast is confirmed, the handbills are designed, printed and a most unusual turn of events, I am on the other side of fringe prep hell.  Not sure what this bodes, but it should feel good, right?  

It feels weird.  This has never happened to me.  Usually I'm sitting in someone's office (who has photo-shop) trying to desperately to insert, cut, and paste a poster together (while teaching myself photo-shop, because I am the only one in the arts community who has no idea how to use it) so it can be printed and ready to go for the weekend before fringe opening.

I feel like I'm forgetting something...maybe a huge oversight will rear it's fangs and I'll be off running the fringe race against time again.

Yet To do list:
-Costumes (find and borrow)
-Props (find and borrow)
-Set (find and borrow)
-Blood prep & rehearsal (make blood, test for effect)
-*Have a read through of the play with cast
-*Rehearse play for best results

*Super important

So all I've really done so far is a little advanced marketing...phew, there are tons of things for me to do before the show.  

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